Frequently Asked Questions

We know you’re excited about the conference, so naturally, you may have a few questions. Here are a some answers to some common questions:
What should I bring?
Kingdom Breakout is a 5-day/4-night conference. Pack lightly and bring active wear. Although the summer weather in Kentucky is usually hot and humid, it can be cold at night, so bring a hoodie or light jacket. Some other things to bring: Bible, pens & journal for notes, sleeping bag & pillows, active shoes, a towel, and toiletries.  
What should I wear?
Tops: T-shirts are recommended. If you bring sleeveless tops, please make sure that no flesh is visible from those arm holes. Tank, spaghetti, and strapless tops are NOT permitted. Bottoms: Jeans/khakis/capris are recommended. Please make sure that shorts are no shorter than the full length of your arms. Please no visible undergarments, they are “UNDERgarments for a reason. (this includes boxers) Shoes: Sneakers and Flipflops Outerwear: It is summertime, but it may still be a little chilly at night. Hoodies are great!  
What does a typical full day look like at Kingdom Breakout?
Are there any discounts for large groups or siblings?
For large groups, please send an email to
What are some safety procedures to ensure my/kid’s safety on Asbury campus?
Students will be placed in small groups under the charge of a counselor. They will journey with these small groups throughout the conference and the counselor will watch over the group, making sure all campers are present at the scheduled activities. There will also be counselors sleeping in the dorms with the students to make sure things are in order. In the event of an incident, counselors will notify the leadership immediately and the appropriate measure will be taken.  
What am I not allowed to bring?
Please do not bring any tank tops, cut offs, short shorts, guns, drugs, laptops, tablets, or mp3 players.  
What form of payment is accepted for the camp?
Cash or check are both accepted.
Is there an option for part-time attendance?
There is no part-time attendance allowed at this time.  
Who do I contact for more questions?
Easy! Just email Or post something on our facebook:
What do I do when I arrive?
Check-in at Asbury University Student Center: 4PM-6PM (1 Macklem Dr Wilmore, KY) Dinner at University Student Center: 6:15-7PM Worship begins at McKenna Chapel of Asbury Seminary: 7:30PM 
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